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Rogers Pass Video Peak

Rogers Pass Classics

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The trip in which all elements clicked and came together…

Rogers pass isn’t much of a secret anymore. There are guide books, maps and a social media roll so deep that you can scout any run you want by a simple search. Often times the information isn’t the challenge here, it is the weather. Factors encompass visibility, sometimes stability, and some times physical fitness. There are times when all of those things are in sync. When this happens your imagination is the only limiter and amazing things happen.
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Rogers Pass

A quick visit with an old friend, Rogers Pass

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I have had a love affair with Rogers Pass since my first trip in 2008. At that point I had only ski toured about 10 times but was hooked on the experience. Back in those days, Glacier Park Lodge was up and running and it was such a simple affair to zip down to the Discovery Center to get your permit, and when most terrain was closed, Grizzly Shoulder was always an option (now a permitted area). It was much less busy back then and trail breaking was a given. Gear was way different with tech bindings only a fringe item and 95mm underfoot was wide. So much has changed in six years.

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Rogers Pass Backcountry Skiing Guide Book

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A lot has changed in a year for First came a very detailed google earth KML. Next was a smartphone geo-referenced map and guide book. This is the next level in guide books, in which we move away from plain text to fully interactive pieces that help adventurers pin point the goods with amazing accuracy. This does not come easy and it has taken Doug (owner and chief stoke master) years to acquire the routes, pictures, and also the knowledge to effectively deliver this exceptional package. Read More