Transition time – Early season hikes bring late season rewards

By December 3, 2012 Trip Reports No Comments

Last Saturday was the official end of my cycling season. But to be honest my training finished a few weeks ago and I was just floating through the the last few cyclocross races.

The results really showed my lack of effort but my focus had shifted to skiing and recharging the batteries (aka drinking a lot of beer).

This ski season is poised to be a great one and my new job will allow me a lot of flexibility to chase snow. With three weeks of skiing already scheduled for the interior of British Columbia, I am hoping that I will be able to get some major vertical mileage in this winter. Now hopefully the weather will cooperate.

This week the weather has continued to be warm but has brought major snow to the high elevations. This should set up the base for the remainder of the season. The Duffey should be in prime shape for the upcoming weekend.

With some other commitments keeping me from doing a bigger day I went to my local spot to get some early season fitness work. Even though I spend 12hrs a week on a bike for most of the year and really never become out of shape, the muscles and stabilizers needed to skin all day need some tuning. Off to Mount Seymour for a quick lap. I love Seymour for the quick access and sometimes great skiing, but most of all for a way to blast some quick turns when the feeling strikes me.

The North shore hasn’t seen much snow yet and the ground coverage was minimal. Just enough to not hit anything on the way down. Dodging dog poop and rocks was more of a challenge then the skiing itself. A steady stream of people enjoying the snow trailed behind me and I picked them off one by one. Guess my cycling habits don’t stop on the road. The increase in use at Mount Seymour has created some challenges for parking during the winter and from the looks of it the challenges are only going to intensify.

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