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Fall leaves and hope for a new season. Oh ya, and that El nino punk

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The change in the seasons is unmistakable. The mornings are more crisp, and the evenings become darker soon after the day job ends. For some, these signs signal a time to prepare for a long winter inside. These folks are plotting ways to escape and devising strategies to cope with the long Canadian winter ahead.

We, and like many other skiers out there, however think a little different. This time, is a time of anticipation, and with each rain storm in the forecast a glimmer of hope emerges that the next one could be the start of the ski season. As the early fall storms stack on top of each other, the waiting game begins for the alpine temperatures to start flirt with freezing levels. The ski season will start, sometimes with a bang sometimes with a wimper. Read More

Get More Powder Days: Freezing Levels

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Freezing levels fluctuate pretty wildly here on the coast, from ground level one day and 2000m the next. This past weekend was no exception to the inversion typically experienced in early ski season. A predicament at times, yes, but not with these tips and cheat sheet for zones to hit no matter the freezing level. Read More

Get More Powder Days: Weather Forecasts

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On the coast we often get variable winter weather which typically includes a truck load of snow followed closely by a big Pineapple express. Both a blessing and a curse, the snowpack that these intense storms generate makes for a long ski season however, it can also limit terrain options or even worse, stop us from riding entirely! Unfortunately, this past weekend was one of those occasions where the weather was not ideal and we found ourselves twiddling our thumbs wishing we were skiing. Read More