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Blowdown Pass

Early Season Report On The Duffey Lake Road

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I have heard people speaking of powder depression in the last few weeks, and thinking that it is best to keep rolling with mountain biking and the other summer activities they are used to. It rained last week – wow a lot of rain – and if it had of been a little colder, we could have been looking at the Snowpocolypse of a few seasons ago. How fickle the weather is and our collective moods hang in the balance. Read More

Scary Conditions

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It has been a busy week for avalanche accidents in BC. Undoubtedly this brings out the armchair commentary that people shouldn’t be backcountry skiing or that they should be held financially or legally responsible in some way for the accident. These accidents help to reinforce that anything can happen to anyone in the mountains. Read More

Get More Powder Days: Freezing Levels

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Freezing levels fluctuate pretty wildly here on the coast, from ground level one day and 2000m the next. This past weekend was no exception to the inversion typically experienced in early ski season. A predicament at times, yes, but not with these tips and cheat sheet for zones to hit no matter the freezing level. Read More