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The lure of the mountains

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The lack of rain on the west coast has meant that fall hiking conditions are some of the best we have seen in recent years. Whether this is a foreshadowing of another weak winter and minimal snow is irrelevant at this point. We can’t complain about the weather, and to be honest it’s nice to still see sunshine in October. But more simply, we can’t change the forecast so we’ll make do with whatever comes our way. The warm weather has made scrambling an easy choice. We often explore mountains in the winter but forget the beauty that they hold in the summer.
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Searching for new adventures – A little winter recon in Hope Creek

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The recreational possibilities in the coast mountains is endless between hiking, skiing and mountain biking. There are more adventures than one person could cover in a lifetime. For us, a free long weekend normally means one thing – an adventure. This time around (really, as most times around in the summer) we were hunting for potential winter terrain north of Pemberton, BC. Read More

Rogers Pass Video Peak

Rogers Pass Classics

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The trip in which all elements clicked and came together…

Rogers pass isn’t much of a secret anymore. There are guide books, maps and a social media roll so deep that you can scout any run you want by a simple search. Often times the information isn’t the challenge here, it is the weather. Factors encompass visibility, sometimes stability, and some times physical fitness. There are times when all of those things are in sync. When this happens your imagination is the only limiter and amazing things happen.
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