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Blowdown Pass

Early Season Report On The Duffey Lake Road

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I have heard people speaking of powder depression in the last few weeks, and thinking that it is best to keep rolling with mountain biking and the other summer activities they are used to. It rained last week – wow a lot of rain – and if it had of been a little colder, we could have been looking at the Snowpocolypse of a few seasons ago. How fickle the weather is and our collective moods hang in the balance. Read More

Rogers Pass

A quick visit with an old friend, Rogers Pass

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I have had a love affair with Rogers Pass since my first trip in 2008. At that point I had only ski toured about 10 times but was hooked on the experience. Back in those days, Glacier Park Lodge was up and running and it was such a simple affair to zip down to the Discovery Center to get your permit, and when most terrain was closed, Grizzly Shoulder was always an option (now a permitted area). It was much less busy back then and trail breaking was a given. Gear was way different with tech bindings only a fringe item and 95mm underfoot was wide. So much has changed in six years.

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