Stiff armed

I would say March thus far has been a bit of a hit-and-miss for skiing.

After having a bit of freedom and enjoying the snow stashes of January and February, reality struck and work had beckoned once again. After attending the Seattle Bicycle Expo I was traveled all over the great state of Washington. With a schedule ram packed, there would be little time to ski. I optimistically brought my touring gear hoping to catch an early hike up Hyak in the Snoqualmie Pass area but a crazy storm and backups due to chain control meant a 4:30 wake up was in vain. I watched the lucky souls cruising up the run preparing to slay 8″ of blower while zooming by hoping not to be late for my meeting.

After concluding a day of business in sunny Wenatchee, I was over Stevens Pass but with no time to sneak in a run or two. On Thursday I met a friend at Mt Baker hoping that the freezing levels wouldn’t spike as forecasted so we could slay some DEEEP snow. After sitting in the lodge for an hour, Ski Patrol announced a big slide had hit Chair 8 and just like the entire week; had to bail yet again.

The next day we made plans to hit Whistler and for my third lift accessed day of the year, it was pretty good! Deep snow along with the crowds of March break was out in full force. I have to admit I have a hard time getting excited for skiing inbounds but this day was good and the company even better.

What is left for the rest of the month? Well, I need to strap my skins on at least one day this month to keep the streak alive and the forecast is looking promising with sun and a stabilizing trend. With all this snow it looks like another long season is in the cards. Best not to get discouraged with life getting in the way.

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