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Video: How to install G3 Ion bindings Quiver Killers

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No doubt, having multiple ski setups is a serious financial investment – but what makes the pill easier to swallow, is the G3 Onyx binding and its Quiver Killer Kits. The kit comes with mounting bolts and inserts, offering you the opportunity to transition your ION bindings between skis.

Installing Quiver Killers is pretty straightforward but does require some comfort with mounting ski bindings. This video and instructions will work for any binding – just make sure you buy the appropriate mounting bolts for your binding. Read More


Rogers Pass Backcountry Skiing Guide Book

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A lot has changed in a year for First came a very detailed google earth KML. Next was a smartphone geo-referenced map and guide book. This is the next level in guide books, in which we move away from plain text to fully interactive pieces that help adventurers pin point the goods with amazing accuracy. This does not come easy and it has taken Doug (owner and chief stoke master) years to acquire the routes, pictures, and also the knowledge to effectively deliver this exceptional package. Read More


Goal setting for the new ski season

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We all have dreams and aspirations for things we want to accomplish in life. There are seasons when you accomplish all of them, and some years none. It isn’t the success or failure we should examine when it comes to goal setting, rather the personal accomplishments and small victories we have claimed through the full season.
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Fall leaves and hope for a new season. Oh ya, and that El nino punk

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The change in the seasons is unmistakable. The mornings are more crisp, and the evenings become darker soon after the day job ends. For some, these signs signal a time to prepare for a long winter inside. These folks are plotting ways to escape and devising strategies to cope with the long Canadian winter ahead.

We, and like many other skiers out there, however think a little different. This time, is a time of anticipation, and with each rain storm in the forecast a glimmer of hope emerges that the next one could be the start of the ski season. As the early fall storms stack on top of each other, the waiting game begins for the alpine temperatures to start flirt with freezing levels. The ski season will start, sometimes with a bang sometimes with a wimper. Read More

Coquihalla - Jan 5 - 1

A little snow and more for the Forecast- Coquihalla Update

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Just about when we thought the year might be a total loss, the snow has started to fall again. We are far from out of the woods, needing another metre of base is to fill in the stumps and slide-alder present in most of our great touring area’s here on the coast. Last weekend we ventured out to see what the latest storm brought, and to get a good sense of the approach challenges that still linger down low. Read More


The backcountry is no place for girls

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As a woman, I’ll be the first to say, the backcountry is no place for girls – it is for the strong willed, strong minded, in which one must be cognisant of the dangers that surround them. Not to take the fun out of all of it, but the whiny, hand-holding and helpless girly attitude isn’t welcome in this environment.

I’ll admit, like a lot of the women out there, I was dragged into the backcountry by the boys (albeit happily). Already having a bit of camping and outdoor travel experience under my belt, it wasn’t hard to quickly adapt to the outdoor survival mode of ski touring. That is, managing gear, food, clothing, water, fitness, efficient terrain travel, and tracking weather patterns. I wasn’t completely green.. but it still took time to get better at each of those things. I quickly realized, in a worst-case scenario, one must be prepared to survive in the wilderness because your life, and that of your partners depends on it. Read More