Shovelnose Creek Exploration

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It is hard sometimes to get away from your comfort zone. You know where you are going and you know the uptracks which makes for easy travelling. But you can also get stuck in a rut. So for the long weekend we decided to do some exploration.

I’ve wasted many hours looking at areas for new opportunities in John Baldwin’s Exploring the Coast Mountain on Skis. After some decent weather up north, I decided to tackle Shovelnose Cr. (Page 91 in John Baldwins book)

Accessed from BR 700 of the Squamish Valley Road, rally up a logging road and stop when your car can’t go any further (whether because of the snow or water bars). We were able to drive to 850m with a 4×4 HC truck.

Early season skiing is fun and challenging. Sometimes you get great conditions sometimes you get shut down! In hopes of finding another good area to visit in the winter we went for it. Six of us piled into the truck after about 30 minutes we reached a good landing spot.

The picture pretty much sums up our success: Non-Existent. Hiked for almost 4 hours and all we got was the big shutdown. Armed with some good info and a GPS track we now have the info for future missions.

Ski Quality: Great potential if we could have gotten there!
Time Commitment: It is a full day getting to the area
Access Difficulty: A 4×4 with good clearance will help cut down the time spent skiing on the access road

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