Get stoked – 2013 Ski Videos

Every August I eagerly await the incursion of the yearly new ski films.

There must be some internal clock that ticks my brain to start trolling all the websites to find the video that will begin my dreams of deep pow and endless ski days.

Fall is in the air the mornings are crisp and cold and as the leaves start to turn colours snow isn’t far behind. The winter of 2012 was nothing short of epic and the films will no doubt remind each of us of that one day that we look back on an smile. I am going to make this short and sweet..

Links below to the new 2013 ski videos. Watch them repeatedly get excited, hell maybe even take your skis out to see if they need some preseason love.

Level 1 Sunny – TGR’s The Dream Factory

Matchstick Super hero’s of Stoke

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