Sea to Sky – Conditions Improving?

By December 28, 2013 Sea To Sky, Trip Reports No Comments

What a dreadful month of skiing. Warm storms and sunny skies is making for some brutal skiing conditions. I can confirm the total snowfall accumulation is about three metres short the 10 year average in the Sea-to-Sky region. This makes it very difficult to find great skiing, and for those without sleds, makes approaches so long that it isn’t worth the trek for the little bit of fluff that is out there.

It is times like these that I wish I had a snowmobile. Fortunately I know someone with a sled who was motivated to get after it with the last little storm which recently rolled in. Leaving Vancouver in a monsoon, the ambition was high, but so were the freezing levels. We decided to roll the dice against the odds anyway.


After a stormy 15km sled ride and a morning of greybird, the sky cleared any we were welcomed to a warm afternoon of turns. Though not deep it was a great way to enjoy the day. The snowpack is a total mixed bag. Only about 90cms of base at 1600m with 35cms of new snow on a crust. The lower half is a faceted mess. It will be interesting to see what happens with the next few storms.

No reprieve is in sight as the high pressure continues to flow in and out of our area. Well, at least I got to tour once this month and it wasn’t too bad.


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