Rogers Pass – Howitzer Hodown

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Vancouver to Rogers Pass can be the best drive or your worst nightmare. When you see a forecast of over 20cms of snow you can count on a great day. We hit up a great brewery in Revelstoke, MT. Begbie Brewing securing our keg for the week (what ski trip isn’t complete with out a keg?).

Even the plows crash too…
Arriving at Glacier Park Lodge we step back into time to a rustic old hotel reminiscent of The Shining. Looking into the mirror you can almost imagine to see REDRUM. Thankfully, we all woke up in the morning with our lives intact.

Those who have been to Rogers Pass will know the daily ritual: wake up, drink coffee, pray that there will be some permit areas open. This morning we woke up to the wind bellowing outside. With trepidation and fingers crossed we headed to the Parks office to obtain our daily Permits. Gingerly we walked to the door and noticed red all across the permit areas. Inside our fears were confirmed that all permit areas were closed. Rogers Pass is a unique area in that most of the great skiing affects the highway thus the permit system.

Parks Canada does a great job of providing an enormous amount of information and the Rangers are always able to offer tips of where to ski for the day. When all permit areas are closed, only two other options are available; drainages of Asulkan and Connaught Creek. As much as we’d love to ski fluffy pillows and chutes, permit closures must be respected for our safety and the safety of others. Stepping out of the visitors centres, transports are lined up while the highway is closed. The howitzers were out! Blasting all the slide paths along highway is a big job and the echoes rang across the valley.

Unfortunately this means we were skiing mellow trees and given the avy danger it was our only choice. Doesn’t mean we didn’t ski… Tomorrow is another day and more snow forecasted fingers crossed.

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