Rogers Pass Backcountry Skiing Guide Book


A lot has changed in a year for First came a very detailed google earth KML. Next was a smartphone geo-referenced map and guide book. This is the next level in guide books, in which we move away from plain text to fully interactive pieces that help adventurers pin point the goods with amazing accuracy. This does not come easy and it has taken Doug (owner and chief stoke master) years to acquire the routes, pictures, and also the knowledge to effectively deliver this exceptional package.

Electronic mediums aside a paper copy book is the next iteration. I personally enjoy leafing through books and maps, examining the pictures, and imagining the next adventure to embark on. The difference here is in Geobackcountry’s philosophy that the guide book is a supplement to all of your other resources, adding a level of detail that is currently unmatched. This approach has the ability to change the look, feel and delivery of guide books (not just ski) forever.

So what can we expect from this guide book? Below is a sneak peak of the three levels of detail available: descriptions, images and maps. The full page and two page spreads clearly illustrate uptrack routes, as well as lines of descent. This level of detail makes for easy navigation as well as creating a mental image of the zone in your mind. The book is bursting with images, which I personally prefer, again making the planning and visualizing process even better. Concise and simple descriptions provide all the required beta; elevation gain, round-trip distance, difficulty, and aspect. A great touch is the inclusion of the permits required for each trip. The information is well laid out to give you everything you need.

Geobackcountry Rogers Pass Guide

Geobackcountry Rogers Pass Guide

Geobackcountry Rogers Pass Guide

A great touch for any adventurer is the pull-out map, perfect for on-route travel to identify up and down tracks. Though the real power is in the mobile-enabled version, which is available separately. These are the same maps but in digital form.

This book is truly a work of passion, and easily a measure of Doug’s knowledge and giving back, for the benefit of the community of backcountry skiers who hold Rogers pass close to their heart. More so, for the many visitors that come each year and want to enjoy it in a way that would only be possible with years of exploration.

Want to get your hands on this Rogers Pass Guide Book?

At time of press, Doug has reached 60% of his goal to get this book into production. With only a short time left, there is still some work to be done, and since, Doug has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help make it happen. So if you tour in Rogers Pass, are interested in adding this guide book to your library, or just want to lend your support to a fellow passionate outdoor adventurer, please read more about how you can contribute.

More on his campaign can be found here

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