The Quick Reference Guide to choosing G3’s Touring skis

100,102,108,112,109,98,92, 5489301mm, full carbon, hybrid carbon, traditional construction, flat rocker, early rise. WOW! So many choices. It can be daunting to choose the right ski or skis for your given style. To stress the situation there isn’t a perfect ski for all conditions and all skier types. This is why there are so many skis each persons needs, personal preferences shape the type of ski they should buy. Though I have skied many brands of skis over the years I have settled into G3 as they are local and they test the skis locally, so we can trust that each ski’s designed with coastal skiing in mind will likely have some great attributes. This will serve as a quick review until more time can be spend on the Findr and Empire to give a good all around perspective.



This is G3’s newest ski to the line up. It is a mix of new and old moving back towards the more classic feel and mixing in some new lightweight carbon/wood construction to deliver a very lively, stable and overall very versatile ski.

This ski offers similar profiles to the Synapse 101 ski but with a more rounded performance characteristic. If you find yourself holding onto those classic 10 year old skis because you love the way they feel and perform the Findr is likely the update you have been waiting for. Suited to heavier skiers and those who ride with heavier packs, you will be hard pressed to overpower the ski.

It can handle the challenging conditions, spring missions and moderate powder. So reach for the Findr if you value versatility and don’t mind a little extra weight and understand the advantages that brings!

You will find a more detailed FindR Review here


Synapse 101

Light, light, light! I found on the Synapse line most people should consider sizing up to add additional stability and stiffness. If you are a bigger rider or run heavy packs big you will likely feel that you can overpower the skis in challenging conditions, or when you open the throttle a little. This is ultimately where light skis show their weakness but the effortless to which you move up hill with them often overshadows their small drawbacks. The big benefit for this ski over the 109 version is that it is an early rise ski with camber so it has better edge hold in icy condition. This ski is versatile but caters itself to very competent pilots. If you ski in bounds give this one a pass but if 10,000ft days and long traverses are in your tick list you will likely be grabbing this ski out of the closet more often than not.


Synapse 109

This is a full flat rocker ski (stealth rocker as G3 calls it) that is crazy light making it ideal for the deep powder days where you want to crush vertical. For not having camber, you still get great edge hold in challenging conditions but being wider it takes more skier input to get it ripping in those situations. Very easy to initiate turns. Think of this ski as a light surf board that allows you to drift through the snow with minimal effort up and down. This isn’t an ideal ski if you are hoping to use it both in an out of bounds as it weight doesn’t give it the ability to plow through chop and chunder. If you ski with a classic style technique you may find it difficult to get figured out and may want to move your mount point back just a touch. Suggestion is to upsize one length to get additional stiffness if you like to ski fast or your total ski/pack weight drifts near the 200lbs mark.

If you want a more detailed look at the Synapse read this


Empire 115

THIS SKI IS FUN!!! Period. If you want a deep day ski that is light and powerful. High speed power drifting and a ski that doesn’t fold underfoot when challenged at high speed. This is a ski for those deepest days season but a very good option for bigger guys and deep powder skiing. I’ve personally only skied the Empires in deep snow, so have nothing to add on its performance in challenging conditions, But who cares, this thing is meant for laying trenches in the pow. It took no adjustment period to start ripping this one.

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