First Impression

Smooth, sleek and very flexible. These skins are definitely easier to manipulate making it a breeze to pack in a small nylon pouch or even roll to fit in my jacket pocket. The laminated adjustable tip and tail connectors allow for a solid adhesion of the skin with board – no gaps at the tip, loose edges or flapping corners!

On the uptrack

I’ve never felt the traction to be any better or worse in comparison with the Voile Tractor Skins. The ability to glide smoothly in the G3 skins however, is significantly noticeable compared to the Voile Skins – a big bonus when travelling on flat terrain and ski out descents.

Key features

The tail connector is what I believe to be the best feature of these skins and in my opinion a THE worthy reason to purchase this product. In short, having a tail clip makes life on the hill easier and absolves the need to be anal-retentive when it comes to snow coming in contact with the skin adhesive.


I spend less time worrying about my skins and more time on the big lines I’m about to hit! They work well and even better, look darn pretty. This is a fantastic product from a company that considers all the elements of splitboarding and skinning to develop improvements and efficiency. A worthy investment for any splitty and a welcome addition to the ever-expanding industry.

Tail Connector

The tail clip ensures the skin stays under the board, regardless of the adhesive losing some tackiness because of snow. There is nothing worse than cutting your trip short because the skins are no longer sticking to the bottom of your board!


Hydrophobic Waterproofing

G3’s hydrophobic waterproofing treatment is a testament to the effort and detail these guys invest on product development and improving functionality. The waterproofing treatment helps avoid absorption of moisture from the snow and it’s a welcome relief the skins don’t feel twice as heavy after a full day of touring.


Hands down, we like ‘em

For more product information, photos and video, check out G3’s website



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