It is no secret that we are big fan’s of DissentLabs socks. We have used them for a few seasons now out of a suggestion from owner Josh Hall to help get ride of some serious blister issues. Since that point all the other socks in the bin have sat idle. Well, they’ve just become winter cycling socks (tip: ski socks make great warm bike socks). DissentLabs offers a super thin SkiPro model which was awesome for tight boot fits, and stayed warm for long days in the mountains. If your boots are a little tight you may want to check them out. Read our review of the Ski Pro Compression socks.

Overall impressions

Lets get down to business. The GFX hybrid is exactly what it sounds like. It is a combination of features from DissentLabs SkiPro and the SkiGenuflex socks. The heel retains the low volume blister-busting nanoglide heel, but adds strategic padding and warmth in the shins and toes. This makes the GFX a versatile option pending your boot fit, or in-or-out of resort days. There is a slight change in the heel construction to eliminate seams and stress points around the pointy heel bones. This helps prolong the life of the sock by eliminating wear points. The GFX are significantly warmer than the Ski Pro socks, but not as hot as the SkiGenuflex. Again, a good balance for days in and out of bounds on the hill. One major point to note which is a nice change from the Ski Pro sock, is the top band, which has been softened with a more relaxed elastic, lending itself well to accommodate larger legs eliminating pressure points around the knees.



The fit is very consistent to the other iterations of the sock. The graduated compression both minimizes fatigue but actually aids in boot fit and subsequently improves ski performance. The elasticity around the arch helped keep the sock in place and we didn’t have to make any adjustments throughout the day. The seamless toe is a nice touch and like other socks we weren’t searching for that illusive pebble in our boot at any point.


Comfort is performance and this is where the sock excels. It is the combination of low volume fit and padding in high stress areas that delivers all day comfort. Nothing derails a ski day more than a foot that isn’t happy. Unlike traditional ski socks that add bulk to the foot and reduce sensitivity the Dissent GFXHybrid balances that barefoot style feel in a well though out manner. Like the Ski Pro model, blisters are eliminated by providing a firm fit but also a nice slick gliding surface between the boot, sock and foot. The warmth is noticeably better than the Ski Pro but not as warm as the Genuflex. Perfect for aerobic activities in the backcountry.


We think that this sock may just become our daily driver. With the two other options in the bin, we can still choose the right weapon for the task but the GFX Hyrid addresses some wants we had from the Ski Pro and the SkiGenuflex. This makes it a good balance for both in an out of bounds use.

We have heard some people having challenges putting them on their feet see the little clip below for a trick for keeping your socks in perfect condition and to not have any annoying bunches. If you are still unsure ask your significant other to show you how to put on pantyhose.


DissentLabs Ski GFX Compression Hybrid Ski Socks
MSRP: $47

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