Racing Poco Style

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Mostly racing and not much training! It has been a tiring few weeks between driving 5000k in the past month for work, fitting in 8hrs of training per week and racing my brains out on the weekend the gas tank is pretty empty.

After last weekends double header in Vancouver I was only able to train 1 day and even then it was brutal at best couldn’t get up to speed and just all around sucked. It was time to take a break. So the throttle was powered down the rest of the week in hopes of recovering over the next few weeks in time for the Provincial CX champs.

Nothing too eventful, the race was fast and had lots of pace changes which made it hard to settle into a groove.

After watching the start of the first races of the day I was off to warm up. I have been using bits and pieces from a great cyclocross blog for the past 2 years (Crosssports Training Blog). The suggested warmup on this site has done wonders for my first 10 minutes of the race.

Though a smaller race for the Masters 3/4 field with some new faces it was hard to get a hold of where I would sit after the dust settled. A brutal start where left me chasing a pack of 5 guys for the first half of the race.

The gravel pit was proving to be an equalizer. After finding the line through the pit slowly I was reeling the group of 2 guys in front of me back. Fighting a shifting problem for the back half of the race it was almost single speed mode where you just hammer until it feels easy on the pedals. With ten minutes left I caught the 4th place person the leading group was long gone so trying to keep my advantage was key. With 2 laps to go all remaining juice went into the pedals and I finished with a very comfortable gap and a 4th place finish. Best result of the year which is encouraging and my form was subpar at best.

Off to the beautiful Okanagan next week for what should be a very different race.

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