Video: How to install G3 Ion bindings Quiver Killers

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No doubt, having multiple ski setups is a serious financial investment – but what makes the pill easier to swallow, is the G3 Onyx binding and its Quiver Killer Kits. The kit comes with mounting bolts and inserts, offering you the opportunity to transition your ION bindings between skis.

Installing Quiver Killers is pretty straightforward but does require some comfort with mounting ski bindings. This video and instructions will work for any binding – just make sure you buy the appropriate mounting bolts for your binding.


Tools for the Job

Having trouble watching this video? Click here to watch the G3 ION Quiver Killer installation.

Tips and Troubleshooting

  1. Make sure you clear the drilled holes in between pilot hole, insert drilling and Taping.
  2. Using a mounting jig makes this an easy job if not use a guide block to make the holes perfectly straight. If you don’t have a jig seriously consider having your local shop drill the pilot holes specific to your boot.
  3. Keep acetone handy to wipe off any excess epoxy and to keep the insert install tool clean and working properly.
  4. To release the insert tool smoothly slight upward pressure helps release the tool
  5. If an insert is proving troublesome use the M5 bolt to install or fine tune its position.
  6. If an insert isn’t completely straight don’t fear installing the binding at the end will help align it.
  7. Make sure you use threadlocker and periodically check the screws to ensure they are tight.

See link for Binding Freedom Install instruction

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