Google Earth Guide to Rogers Pass –

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It was only a matter of time until a high quality ski touring resource was created using GPS and the incredible power of Google Earth.

I have been carrying and tracking every ski tour I have done for the past 5 years and have been slowly building a personal resource for many touring area’s on the coast. So this project at has me very excited.

This site now sets the standard for internet resources/guidebooks in the future. It may be time to unleash some of those resources locked away in my computer for the public to enjoy.

Rogers pass is intimidating to those who have never skied there and often times it takes many trips to unlock some of the best skiing in a safe and efficient manner. has with one resource cut down that learning curve by providing pictures, suggested up tracks and descents for some of the jems in the park.

The resource uses Google Earth to deliver photo overlays that both direct but also give reference to each area with remarkable skill and detail. The high res images give an amazing perspective and will undoubtedly help many adventurers have some amazing powder days.

This is just the start and the guide has left many of the other key area’s open for future development. Head on over to to experience this for yourself.

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