The full coastal exploration experience

By March 27, 2012 Duffey Lake Road No Comments

La nina, la nina, la nina. That was the name of the game for most of March.

The satellite photos showed beautiful arcing storm tracks week after week. This however meant extreme avalanche conditions for most of the month which kept me home, brewing batch after batch of beer just to bid my time. Stoking my beer gut along the way.

Then one day the forecast changed and the sun came out, it was time to ski again. Knowing that it was going to be busy any where we went a chance was taken on a new area. Armed with 50 pounds of gear each we set out to the Duffey Lake Road ready for an adventure. We had tried to venture into Channel Creek on our first trip of the year. So we were keen to see if we could add another area to our list. Passing each trail head and counting cars some areas (Cerise, Cayoosh,etc) had upwards of 40 people. Far too many for my liking.

After four hours of bushwacking probably four wrong turns we made camp with no turns made we pitched our tents and settled down. Nothing beats hauling around a 6 pack all day. But I have discovered the most glorious backcountry apres ski beverage, hot chocolate and rum! Lightweight, potent, and coma inducing to help you sleep through a cold night!

Our second day provided a beautiful sunny day and we were able to ski some silky north facing snow. The snow was sun affected on most aspects and we milked every turn.

The funny part about exploration is that when you are thrashing through slide alder for an hour you wish you had slept in and stayed home. Yet the moment you are back at the car regardless of the success of the mission there is a sense of wishing you were still out in the mountains. A day in the mountains is always better then a day on the couch. Type 2 fun…Bring it on..

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