Not everyday is a pow day – Mount Baker

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Not everyday is a powder day, but sometimes it’s just great to get out and go for a hike, and the sun coming out this time of year is always a bonus.

Building fitness in the early season will allow you to pound some major vertical during the mid-season when it really matters. I haven’t skied the Mt. Baker backcountry in over three years so with lowered expectations we set out south of the border for a little sun soaked tour.

We arrived at the parking lot to find almost every person in Washington State had the same plan in mind.. it was a great day to go for a walk. I forgot how quick it was to blast to Artist Point. The views of the Cascades are outstanding and because there aren’t so many clear days, you almost forget what the mountains look like in the PNW. Thanks to a short stop at the Wake ‘n Bakery, our bodies were charged by coffee and delicious snacks, ready to go.


As we approached our destination of Table Mountain some brave souls had hit some pretty big lines considering the coverage in the area. As we transitioned five more people were heading up to the top. You couldn’t have paid me enough money to hit that with the very crusty snow conditions.

There was discussion of heading out and completing the Table mountain circuit but the dust-on-crust conditions did not ignite the ski stoke. Down we go! The conditions weren’t ideal but we managed to link together some turns.


The last system came in heavy and wet which caused some good sized avalanches to come off the slopes of Table mountain. Navigating the chunder was harder than expected and it was like skiing through a boulder field. Hitting the bottom of the run and a quick lunch we blasted to the car for a easy half day of skiing. Nothing feels better than the feeling of sun on your cheeks, hopefully there will be more sunny days this winter but next time with a bit of bottomless pow!

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