The Dawn Patrol Phenomenon

By March 4, 2013 North Shore, Ski More No Comments

There is something magical almost forbidden about waking up at 5am to grab some quick laps before work.

People in the Wastach have almost made it a religious experience. Vancouver is no different yet our options are limited. After much of February being sunny and warm every opportunity to feel the weightlessness of powder must be taken.

With the storms of the past few weeks dawn patrol has almost become a daily ritual. The alarm goes of the coffee goes on and the skis hit the roof box all to get in a few hundred meters of touring before planting oneself in the cube farm for the day. You would think that the time would scare many people away but to my surprise one day there was 5 cars waiting for the Cypress access road to open at 7am. Can’t really blame them though as the 30cms on the deck overnight was a good enough reason for me to forgot a few hours of sleep.

The quest for dawn patrols doesn’t stop for me when I am traveling for work. I am one of those lucky few that gets paid to travel all over the province ski town to ski town. The unfortunate part is 90% of the time I don’t get to ski. My days are spent driving and visiting customers and hearing tales of how good the snow was.

This weeks dawn patrol was different a little foreign but top notch. It always amazes me on how easy the access is in Kootenay Pass. So many options and a quick 45 minute skin and you can drop some of the most fun skiing in the province. Doesn’t hurt that the powder maker has turned on again and hitting knee deep freshies at sunrise was the recipe for today. Couple that with a new lightweight toy from G3. It was short lived but motivated me for the day and the 8 hours of driving to my next destination.

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