Costal Invasion – Plewman, Ski Movie, Saddle, Back Traverse Rossland Range


Crashing with our friends in Rossland at their self described hobbit house we were privy to some great beta for some guaranteed turns.

For the 3rd day in a row the sun was out and I was beginning to think that snow magically appears in these parts. As our hosts prepared for a week at the notorious Kokanee Glacier Cabin with a high pressure system camped in for the week I dreamed once again of a backcountry hut trip. We however were very indecisive and had a late 10am start hoping for a mellow half day. Mostly due to the large amount of beer we consumed the previous night.

Setting our sights on Mount Plewman its southern slopes were baked and crusted. Once we hit the alpine we were drawn the beauty of the ridgeline and set out for a high alpine tour over three of the seven summits of the legendary Seven Summits Mountain Bike trail. Upon seeing this terrain we found our previous stoke and quickly laid waste to the vertical ticking out metre by metre with the efficiency of a well oiled touring machine.

The day wore on and the sun fueled our legs and with the sun descending behind Old Glory Mountain in the background we prepped to hit some nice outstanding north facing steep skiing. Stability was outstanding and nothing as much as a slough as the snow had bonded well with the lack of snow and cold temperatures. Unfortunately that will all change in next storm system with the variety of surfaces it is bound to bury.


Diving through smooth sparse forests and schussing another 300m of skiing we made our way back to the car to finish our trip with a great meal. You have to cherish these ski moments when you get them you never know when you may ski again.


Each of us ski for different reasons; Some to escape reality, others to feel the sense of accomplishment and many for the pure joy and exhilaration of being in the mountains being surrounded in its grandeur and beauty. Our group shared a common bond for the week to experience new areas in search of great snow. I constantly battle the complacency that sinks in from having so many great ski days in the past five years. It is refreshing and motivating when you ski with people for who a trip was an eye opening experience, skiing terrain and snow they have only seen in magazines. It really is a treat to be a part of trip where members have had the best ski days of their life.

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