10 Relationship Survival tips for the Backcountry

Bringing your significant other with you in the backcountry can be a great way to spend time together. But it can stress your relationship at the best of times because as we all know things don’t always go to plan. Sleeping under a tree in the middle of winter can make for a very unhappy partner (or a perfect bonding experience). These hints should help make things smoother.

  1. Try to involve your significant other in the planning and decision making for the trip. It will help air any concerns before you leave for the trip.
  2. Make sure you carry as much as possible leaving them with the lighter pack.
  3. Get your friends wives and significant others involved in your ski trips. This will help them relate to someone else beside your farting and drinking buddies.
  4. Do not skimp on buying equipment. Get them the best thing suited to their needs because cheap and heavy gear will make it even harder. Remember most of time you are faster and stronger then they are. Any advantage you can give them helps.
  5. Be patient. It is easy to get frustrated. Slow and steady wins.
  6. Give constant encouragement.
  7. Don’t be afraid to bail and turn around. It is better to save your relationship then trudge along into the face of disaster. Listen to your EPIC alarm.
  8. Empower them to lead the way and learn to navigate in the mountains safely. Having your significant other call the shots and lead the way makes them feel involved rather than being a passenger.
  9. Plan trips without them. Trips with friends will allow you to undertake more ambitious goals. This will then allow you to just go and ski and have fun when you are out with your partner.
  10. Don’t underestimate the value of slack country for learning and easing your partner into it skiing wild snow. A ride up the lift to get a good run out of the way early can make the rest of the day easy. Plus being close to civilization is often comforting.

Remember it is all about having fun, and if one person isn’t having fun then likely you won’t be having fun either. Be safe enjoy and yourselves.


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