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Coquihalla - Jan 5 - 1

A little snow and more for the Forecast- Coquihalla Update

| Coquihalla, Ski More, Trip Reports | No Comments

Just about when we thought the year might be a total loss, the snow has started to fall again. We are far from out of the woods, needing another metre…


Sea to Sky – Conditions Improving?

| Sea To Sky, Trip Reports | No Comments

What a dreadful month of skiing. Warm storms and sunny skies is making for some brutal skiing conditions. I can confirm the total snowfall accumulation is about three metres short…

The Coquihalla Google Earth Ski Map

| Coquihalla, Ski More | No Comments

We’ve been working long and hard on developing a ski map for the Coquihalla region. This map is not intended to replace a topographic map, but to supply you with…


The backcountry is no place for girls

| Ski More | No Comments

As a woman, I’ll be the first to say, the backcountry is no place for girls – it is for the strong willed, strong minded, in which one must be…

Sock it to me

The goodness of Dissent Labs compression socks and why you need some

Didn’t you get the memo? We’re going hunting for snow.

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